How Passengers Can Get Compensation for Injuries

As a bus passenger you are able to get compensation for injuries in Liverpool and Sheffield if the accident led to another party being injured and the bus driver on your bus was responsible for the collision. If your bus steered off the road and you are injured, you can file a claim against the driver and his company. However, if the bus driver made an emergency stop to keep from hitting a person or another car, you may be qualified to file a claim.

Steps to Making Claims for Injuries

The first thing you want to do is hire an experienced bus accident attorney to collect all evidence of your claim following the accident and this includes finding out what caused the accident and also gathering your medical records, documentation from your employer concerning your inability to work for a period of time and any other expenses that incurred after the accident. You also want to get the name, number and registration number of the driver so you can present this to the solicitor when you meet with him to prepare your case.

Finding The Right Solicitor

You want to choose a solicitor that has at least ten years of experience in personal injury and who understands the laws in Liverpool or Sheffield concerning bus accident injuries. The solicitor should be someone who exhibits professionalism and who will offer services at an affordable price. He should also be able to answer questions you have clearly and he should  be available as often as needed.

After You Win The Settlement

Once you win the money and pay your lawyer, you want to use the money wisely to pay off all bills you incurred after the incident such as medical bills and credit card bills. When you are paying down expenses, start with the most urgent ones then proceed to the less important bills. The rest of the settlement should be put in savings.


Bus accidents cause physical harm and frustration but with the help of the right solicitor and a positive attitude, you will do well despite the accident and receive compensation for your injuries. Be prepared for objections by the bus company as they’ll do everything they can to not accept responsibility and give you the funds you seek. Finally, maintain a pleasant attitude with the solicitor and never threaten the defendant correctly.