Bus Accidents in Liverpool and Sheffield in England

When it comes to bus accidents in Liverpool and Sheffield in England, there are unfortunately substantial amounts that occur each year. Between the amount of tourists that are attracted to the areas each year, to the already high population of local natives – the streets become just as congested with vehicles and pedestrians alike. Due to the vast amount of people that circulate through the areas each day, public transportation such as trolleys, trains and buses are vital essentials, much like in any high traffic city.

Bus Accidents Sheffield

Bus companies such as National Express and GorillaBus are two of the most common buses that you will find circulating the local community routes. While these companies strive to ensure the safety of all passengers, the daily congestion of the streets and the contour of the physical roads have both played their roles in causing several accidents in both Liverpool and Sheffield in England.

Severity of Bus Accidents in Liverpool and Sheffield in England

While the severity of each accident many vary on an individual basis, there have been several fatal accidents that have occurred in both Liverpool and Sheffield – some even involving school children. Just recently, a Canadian bus carrying a group of Yorkshire Scouts was involved in an accident that injured almost 16 Scouts and 2 pedestrians when the bus veered off the street and into the side of a building. This being one of the more serious accidents that have occurred, Liverpool is highly known for the narrow streets that have caused several thousand minor accidents involving busses and cars.

Laws to Prevent Bus Accidents in Liverpool and Sheffield in England

General traffic laws are in place to maintain order on the roads of Liverpool and Sheffield; however there are currently no specific rules in place that target municipal buses. Contacting a bus accident lawyer will help you if you have been injured.

Avoiding Bus Accidents in Liverpool and Sheffield in England

While law officials and civilians actively strive to implement such laws, the only current means of order is the traffic police. This makes it vitally important for the individual bus companies to crack down on their employees to ensure safety of the people.